February 22, 2018

There is a saying that; a dog is a man’s best friend. As humans, we almost cannot live without dogs; we depend on them for our safety, for friendship, and for help. Due to the high importance of animals, dogs especially, different laws have been created by different countries to guide and protect these animals as they are very relevant to human existence. In countries like America, such laws are taken very seriously and lawsuits are presented in courts to bring justice for dogs and stop the indiscriminate killing. The importance of dogs cannot be overemphasized.

Boerboels are one of the most reliable dogs ever created on earth. It is beautiful, reliable, friendly and trustworthy. Boerboels is a unique breed that originated from South Africa. It was used by farmers initially before it began to gain recognition by individuals.

The following are the major reasons why you should choose a Boerboel anytime, any day and anywhere.


Boerboels, as opposed to other breeds, are very smart and trainable. They have a great pack instinct. It is very important that you have a very trainable dog because you do not want to be walking around with an untrained dog. Well, if that’s the case, then go for a Boerboel breed, they are very easy to teach, all they need is a dominant but kind owner and before you know it, your dog gets smarter than you ever thought or imagined.


Boerboels are described by most researchers and authorities to be very reliable, highly intelligent and obedient. The Boerboel is affectionate, rough, playful, gentle and very patient. All you have to do is make sure that they are trained properly.

Boerboels are very protective when protecting those that they love they can be vicious and dangerous, thus the owner of this dogs must make sure that they do not put the dog in a compromising position as the Boerboels will always protect its loved ones. In order to ensure the safety of visitors, it is important that family friends and visitors are introduced properly to Boerboels so that they do not harm them in the process of protecting its owners. When a stranger is properly introduced, Boerboels will not perceive them as potential threats and thus, trust them reasonably, not totally.


The Boerboel has a very rich daily activity plan, as this breed is very energetic. You should get a dog that will make the house livelier with its activities. A large space should be provided for the dog, as it loves to pace around the house. Due to the fact that this breed has a massive muscle, space is necessary to make sure it doesn’t become obese and lives a healthy life. The Boerboel breed is the best for you!

Conclusively, you have seen various reasons why you should make sure that the next dog you get is a Boerboel. If you want reliability, energy, protection, obedience and all you’ve ever thought of in a dog, then get a Boerboel!

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