our females.

Elite Guard Magali


Magali represents an exceptional line breeding, merging the illustrious qualities of Afrika Tarzan and Afrika Rubina, thereby intensifying the MES Rubenstein lineage.

She stands out as a notably large and sturdy female, combining an imposing physique with a remarkably sweet temperament.

Magali embodies confidence and possesses the agility to spring into action instantaneously when required.

Her pedigree is adorned with distinguished names such as Rambo and SOG, marking her as a female of notable ancestry. This combination of size, temperament, and lineage makes Magali a valuable asset to any breeding program, promising to contribute strength, character, and superior genetics to her offspring.

Elite Guard Jane


Jane is the standout result of an exclusive dual mating strategy, pairing our unparalleled female, Casablanca, with both Afrika Tarzan and Klopdisselboom Karolis. Selected as my top pick from the Tarzan litter, Jane epitomizes the ideal Boerboel qualities.

Her disposition is exceptionally sweet, complemented by vigorous guarding instincts that set her apart.

As an athletic and endlessly energetic female, she exhibits a zest for constant activity, underpinned by strength and well-defined musculature.

Jane approaches the epitome of what we strive for in the breed—coming remarkably close to perfection in every aspect.


Elite Guard Lucky


Lucky, undoubtedly one of my favorite females, shares her lineage as a litter sister to Aslam, making her a prized daughter of Saalsveld Big Show and MD Bia.

Her vitality and endearing sweetness set her apart, embodying what might just be the finest frame among our collection—boasting a perfect head and a stature that nears the pinnacle of perfection.

Lucky carries the spirited and fiery temperament characteristic of the revered Bovslei lines, promising to infuse her progeny with the distinct qualities of her illustrious heritage. ( young in the picture)


Elite Guard Bellatrix


Bellatrix, a treasured gift to my older daughter, stands as an exceptionally powerful female within our kennel. With her large head and substantial volume, her form is the epitome of correctness.

Much like her mother, Eldorado Casablanca, Bellatrix exudes a sweet and calm demeanor, setting her apart as a uniquely gentle giant.

Originating from the unparalleled pairing of Floki and Casablanca, she represents a one-of-a-kind combination, blending strength, serenity, and superior genetics into a singularly impressive Boerboel.


Elite Guard Zara


This remarkably tall and athletic female is the epitome of perpetual motion; she embodies energy in its purest form, never pausing for a moment—her vitality is truly astounding.

With striking muscle definition, she stands as a testament to her unique heritage, belonging to a rare bloodline that traces back to Jafar, a male we once had the honor of hosting, and who was a direct descendant of Afrika Dalita—one of the most imposing females known, the mother is our Ninja that have very old cabaret and piona lines.

This powerful female combines sweetness with a high drive and an exceptionally keen protection instinct, making her a distinguished presence within our kennel.


Elite Guard Jesse


As a litter sister to Jane, resulting from the strategic dual mating of Casablanca with Tarzan and Karolis, she was my standout choice from the Karolis litter. A notably large female, she embodies strength and correctness, featuring a long body and a commanding head.

Her guarding instincts and protective nature are exceptionally pronounced, setting her apart as a vigilant guardian.

Beyond her physical and temperamental attributes, she excels as a mother, producing offspring of remarkable quality, ensuring her valuable traits continue to enhance the lineage. ( Old picture when she was younger)


Elite Guard Ayo


Her social aggression manifests in a positive manner, making her exceptionally responsive to threats and establishing her as a formidable protector and guardian.

This female stands her ground decisively, ensuring that she’s not one to be trifled with, willing to lay everything on the line for those she holds dear. Her confidence is palpable, and she exhibits a solid grip during bite work, highlighting her capabilities in protection scenarios.

Moreover, she brings a unique genetic makeup to our breeding program, capable of producing chocolate pups and other rare colors, adding a touch of rarity and diversity.

Descending from the pairing of Tarzan and Targus Tieta (a daughter of Webister), she not only carries physical prowess and a protective spirit but also harbors exotic genes that make her progeny distinctly appealing.


Elite guard Ninja


Ninja holds a special place as my wife’s dog, embodying sweetness to such an extent that she wouldn’t harm a fly.

Her disposition is so gentle and loving that we’ve decided bite work simply isn’t in her nature; she is the epitome of peace and love.

Beyond her kind heart, she’s a stunning and impressive female, boasting a lineage that combines the best of both worlds—being the daughter of the legendary Tarzan and Victoria, and hailing from the esteemed old Cabaret and Piona lines. Her beauty and gentle spirit make her a remarkable presence in our kennel.

Produces very well, a good example is Zara also a breeding female from our Kennel which is her daughter.


Elite Guard Lipa

This exceptionally large female, a direct descendant of Afrika Jafar and Targus Alia, stands as a testament to a unique breeding strategy that marries the robust Afrika Dalita lines with the old Cabaret strains found in the Targus lineage.

Her vitality is unmatched; she is always on the move, showcasing a gorgeous head, significant strength, and remarkably high guarding instincts.

She is indeed a special female, embodying the best of both worlds with her powerful presence and intrinsic protective nature.


Targus Donna


Acquired from South Africa not long ago, she represents our most recent addition from abroad, distinctively the only breeding female in our fold not originally from our kennel’s lineage.

Selected for her exceptional traits, she was introduced to infuse substantial volume into our breeding program.

Characterized by her remarkable width, outstanding volume, and a squarely shaped head, she is meticulously paired with athletic dogs to leverage her capacity for enhancing the breed’s robustness.

Sharing her lineage with Kabuta, she plays a crucial role in our efforts to elevate the physical presence and stature of our future generations.