1### Purchase and Shipping Policy for Elite Boerboels

Here’s a concise overview of the costs and procedures for buying and shipping a puppy to any country worldwide, with all prices in Euros (comparable to US Dollars). The total cost is divided into three components: Puppy Price, Booking Fee, and Shipping Price.

#### Costs and Payment Schedule

– **Puppy Total Price:** €3500, plus shipping (usually around €1300 to most countries, including the USA, UK, Europe, and Canada).

– **Booking Fee:** 20% of the total puppy price (€700). A puppy is reserved only upon receipt of this fee, which is non-refundable.

– **Included Until 10 Weeks:**
– First vaccines
– Kennel fees
– Initial paperwork

These are covered up to 10 weeks of age. Beyond this, additional costs apply:
– Kennel fees: €30 per week
– Second vaccine shot including rabies: €75 (if required)
– Passport: €120 (if required)
– Vet certificates, microchip, and administrative work: €90
– Special exams for specific countries: Prices vary

– **Shipping Price:** Handled by professional companies with rates varying by destination. We don’t manage shipping but can recommend reliable services used for our puppies.

– **Payment Schedule:**
– The booking fee (€700) secures your reservation.
– The balance (€2800) is due upon selecting your puppy.
– Shipping fees are paid directly to the shipper at least 4 weeks before departure.

#### Health Guarantee and Replacement Policy

Note: Any dog with a proven genetic disease will be replaced for free.

* “Proven” means having veterinary reports and proof of the animal’s condition. This guarantee does not cover conditions like dysplasia, patellar luxation, entropion, or ectropion unless it is proven to be genetic, as many cases are due to factors like poor flooring, overweight, excessive exercise, improper diet, and other environmental conditions.

#### Important Terms and Conditions

– **No Refunds Policy:** We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Once a booking fee is paid, it is non-refundable.

– **Replacement Policy 1:** We do not offer replacements under any circumstances if the dog and the expenses were not paid in full. 

– **Replacement Policy 2:** We will replace a puppy if there is a proven genetic disease or any health issue acquired in our kennel, as long as it is proven by a certified veterinarian. This does not include conditions like dysplasia, patellar luxation, entropion, or ectropion unless genetic causation is confirmed.

– **Veterinary Responsibility:** All dogs leave our kennel with a complete vet report. Any veterinary bills incurred after the client receives the dog are not our responsibility.

– **Payment of Fees:** All fees, including any additional kennel fees beyond 10 weeks, must be paid in full before the puppy leaves our kennel.

– **Legal Agreement:** The purchase agreement is between the client and Elite Boerboels, represented by The Wagging Way LLC.

– **Client Responsibility:** It is the client’s responsibility to ensure proper care, diet, exercise, and environment for the puppy to prevent avoidable health issues.

– **Communication:** For any further information or to complete your reservation, please email us at info@eliteboerboels.com.

By making a purchase, the client agrees to all terms and conditions outlined in this policy. This ensures clarity and protection for both parties, minimizing the potential for misunderstandings or disputes.