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Forget the ordinary; at Elite Boerboels, we redefine the essence of the Boerboel breed. Our focus? Breeding not just any Boerboel, but the epitome of working Boerboels—crafted for the sole purpose of safeguarding you and your loved ones.

Each of our Boerboels stands as a testament to what the breed is destined to be: imposing in stature, unparalleled in uniqueness, commanding in power, and supremely athletic, all while possessing that fiery temperament that makes the perfect family guardian. With Elite Boerboels, you’re not just bringing home a dog; you’re welcoming a true protector into your family.

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Rui Navarro stands at the helm of Elite Boerboels, not just as its owner but as a recognized authority in the Boerboel world.

As the author behind the renowned “Boerboel Bible,” an Amazon bestseller, and the face of a YouTube channel rich with over 500 informative videos, Rui’s reputation is a testament to trust and expertise.

Choosing Elite Boerboels means partnering with a name synonymous with integrity and confidence in the Boerboel industry. Here, your journey towards owning a Boerboel is anchored in reliability and peace of mind.

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Meet the Elite Boerboels Studs. Each stud embodies the apex of strength and character, ready to lead the next generation of protectors.



Grace and power define our Elite Boerboel females. Matriarchs of future champions, they carry the essence of the breed’s qualities.


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Discover your next loyal guardian among our Boerboel puppies for sale. Early promise blooms here, where potential meets nurturing.

The African Boerboel


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If you looking for a Boerboel Puppy for Sale, you are in the right place, the South African Boerboel Mastiff, often just referred to as Boerboel, stands out as a substantial, intelligent breed known for its strength. Its agile movement and robust muscles highlight its physical capabilities, while its head features a distinctive, muscular, and square shape, complemented by expressive eyes and cheeks. The broad and flat crown underscores its formidable appearance.

Rooted in South Africa, the term “boer” translates to “farmer,” earning the Boerboel the nickname of the farmer’s dog within its homeland.

Esteemed for its loyalty and intelligence, the Boerboel is a descendant of the mastiff family, renowned for its innate sense of duty to protect and serve its family. This breed thrives in environments where it can form strong bonds with its owners, benefiting greatly from interaction and engagement.

The breed’s lineage is rich and varied, believed to date back to ancient times with influences from the Bullenbijter brought to South Africa by Jan van Riebeeck in 1652, and the indigenous dogs of the region.

Thanks to their well-considered breeding, Boerboels are remarkably healthy and adaptable, making them ideal companions for families seeking a protective yet affectionate guardian.

This dogs are simply the perfect protection family dogs.


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Why Settle for Imitations When You Can Own the Authentic?

Many have attempted to replicate our approach but without success. We stand out not merely as another Boerboel breeder but as the singular Boerboel breeder globally who truly dedicates our efforts to honing the breed’s innate protective instincts for the 21st-century family. Daily, our expert trainers work within our kennel to ensure each Boerboel reaches its full potential, achieving unparalleled reliability.

Choosing Elite Boerboels means you’re not just bringing home any Boerboel; you’re welcoming a genuine protector into your life.

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Temperament Of Our Boerboels

In a world where many breeders prioritize show aesthetics, often resulting in Boerboels that more resemble static sculptures than the vibrant, powerful creatures they are meant to be, we at Elite Boerboels set a new standard. Our focus is on breeding large, athletic South African Boerboels—true to their heritage and functionality. Our Boerboels are not just for show; they are real dogs bred for real families.

South African Boerboels are celebrated for their intelligence and eagerness to collaborate with their handlers. This assertiveness, when guided correctly, contributes to their unmatched protective instincts.

Specially bred to serve as protectors, our Boerboels exhibit a confident demeanor balanced with a welcoming spirit. They possess an acute sense of their owner’s feelings, standing ready to act as a formidable guardian when needed. Their protective instincts don’t compromise their ability to bond deeply with their families, showcasing both strength and affection especially with kids.

Given their natural protective instincts, our Boerboels can display caution around strangers, ensuring the safety and security of their home and loved ones.

At Elite Boerboels, we’re not just breeding dogs; we’re cultivating guardians for the modern family, in every Boerboel we raise.

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“Just wanted to thank Rui for his excellent service,importing the perfect dog was made easy,he listened to what we wanted from a dog and gave us exactly what we wished for , always on hand for advice and help

5 stars for such a honest breeder”
Jane Kinsley

“Thank you Rui for helping us pick out our first family dog! She is so beautiful and strong, with wonderful disposition. You have been very helpful throughout this process, from first photos and videos, letting us know the puppy’s characteristics and keeping in touch. Euro pets were very helpful and guided us well with all the obstacles of transportation during the pandemic and documents. Thank you all!

We will be recommending you to our friends and other dog lovers.”
Lena Bragina

“Purchased a boerboel puppy from Rui,

The dogs has excellent temperament and is so calm
Rui was always on hand during the process
Either by email
Or by wats app
Thanks Rui for Gandalf the red beast haha
Kevin musiol.😃
Kevin Musiol

#1 Breeder In The World

Buying a Boerboel puppy is a significant milestone, demanding more than a casual selection. It’s crucial not to settle for the first breeder that catches your eye.

Instead, take time to discern the kennel that truly understands the essence of matching the right puppy to your family.

A Boerboel transcends the ordinary—becoming not merely a pet but a devoted companion and your most trusted friend.


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