our males.

Afrika Tarzan

Regarded as a living legend, this Boerboel may well be the most celebrated of our era, standing as one of the most outstanding and remarkable males in existence today.

His accolades are testament to his superiority; despite participating in only three shows, he has clinched the title of Junior Grand Champion Male twice and was honored as Junior Reserve Grand Champion Male once. These achievements span across both South Africa and Portugal, highlighting his international acclaim.

This magnificent male boasts a physique that’s as impressive as his pedigree. With striking muscle definition, flawless angulation, a robust and commanding head, dense bones, and a spirited temperament, his movement is the epitome of perfection. He encapsulates everything desired in a Boerboel, leaving no box unchecked.

Originating from an illustrious lineage, he is the progeny of MES Rubenstein and Volspoed Meisikind, representing an ideal blend of genetic excellence.

For those looking to infuse their breeding programs with unparalleled quality, frozen semen is available for export, offering the rare opportunity to incorporate this distinguished legacy into your own lines.

Elite Guard Floki

´In my view, this male stands unparalleled as the most magnificent black Boerboel I’ve ever encountered. Frankly, he’s the most impressive Boerboel, irrespective of color, that I have ever come across. His size is awe-inspiring; he’s exceptionally tall, strikingly athletic, and his muscular frame is the epitome of strength. What sets him apart, even more, is his temperament—undeniably the best I’ve witnessed. He’s incredibly affectionate with the family, boasts a high level of training that likely ranks him among the world’s most advanced Boerboels, and excels in protection work. Indeed, he trains alongside my working line German Shepherd Dogs, and dont think he is left behind.

This remarkable boy stands 70 cm tall and weighs around 180 lbs of sheer muscle, making him a true spectacle, a head-turner at every show. His solid head and substantial build, coupled with flawless movement, embody the excellence expected from the MES Bite a Bullet and MES Rubenstein lines. His lineage includes notable names such as SOG, Ramkat, Janieka Swartkat, Benji, Alexander Black Night, Rambo, and more.

Frozen semen is available for export, offering a unique opportunity to incorporate this unparalleled lineage into your breeding program.

Elite Guard Aslam

This young male is swiftly emerging as one of the most promising prospects in the Boerboel world, boasting the potential to become a true legend. He embodies the ideal standard for the breed: a tall, imposing figure with an impeccable pedigree, destined to develop the significant presence and stature akin to his sire, Big Show.

A direct descendant of Saalsveld Big Show—a sire with a limited but distinguished lineage in the world—his mother, MD Bia, is an extraordinary female, remarkably correct and a proud granddaughter of Middelpos Alpha. Captured in photographs at just 12 months old, one can only imagine the majestic stature he will achieve as he matures into his prime at 3-4 years of age.

His temperament is exceptional; inherently sweet and affable, he possesses a latent strength that surfaces fiercely in defense of his family. A solid working dog, he has been meticulously trained at our kennel, showcasing the same dedication and skill as Tarzan and Floki. This young male is not just growing into his physical capabilities but is also developing into a vigilant protector and cherished family member.

Targus Ram

In our esteemed opinion, this young male stands as one of the finest specimens currently in South Africa, embodying all the qualities necessary to ascend to legendary status. With his remarkable volume, formidable head, impressive size, and notably thick bones, he is poised to leave a lasting impact on the breed.

His lineage speaks volumes of his potential: a direct descendant of the legendary Tokara Drifter and Targus Rina, he represents an impeccable blend of the esteemed Son of a Gun and Spitsvuur lines.

At just 14 months old, he has already distinguished himself by scoring an impressive 87.5% L, showcasing his exceptional qualities at an incredibly young age.

Integral to our breeding program, this male’s genetic legacy is preserved and made available to the world through frozen semen. For those looking to elevate their breeding standards, this frozen semen is available for export, offering a unique opportunity to incorporate his outstanding genetic qualities into your lineage.

Targus Bomboel

This male is unequivocally one of the finest we have ( Frozen Semen), securing a top 3 position in his group at the International Show in South Africa while still in his youth. He stands out as a particularly special male, marked by his athleticism, exceptional movement, and excellent conformation. He is, without doubt, one of our most esteemed males.

Born of the legendary Cabaret Son Of a Gun and Crihata Lillie, he carries a significant lineage, rich with the esteemed old Cabaret blood—truly a perfect heritage.

Playing a vital role in our breeding program, his genetic excellence is preserved through frozen semen, which we have meticulously stored.

This frozen semen is available for export, presenting a rare opportunity to integrate his superior genetic qualities into your breeding endeavors, enhancing the lineage with his remarkable traits.

Bostu Zazu


This male truly stands apart—take a moment to watch the video below, and you’ll quickly understand why. Towering in stature and bred from MES Askam and MES Shakira, he is ideally suited to complement power type females with his own formidable presence.

His reputation precedes him, having clinched multiple show victories in South Africa. Renowned within the Boerboel community, he boasts an impressive score of almost 88% on the new linear system—a testament to his exceptional qualities.

Integral to our breeding strategy, his genetic legacy is captured and preserved through frozen semen, ensuring his remarkable traits can be passed on. This frozen semen is available for export, offering breeders worldwide the opportunity to enhance their programs with the distinguished lineage and superior characteristics of this outstanding male.


Bostu Bugatti


This young male made some buzz in South Africa years ago by earning titles such as Junior Champion, Grand Champion, and Dog of the Day at the Fochville Boerboel Show in South Africa.

His accolades speak volumes, marking him as an exceptionally promising and impressive individual.

Standing at an imposing 72 cm and weighing around 200 lbs of solid muscle, he captivates onlookers and stops shows with his remarkable physique.  Broad chest, a solid head, and significant volume, he lives up to the legacy expected from a MES Webster offspring, beautifully paired with the notable female, Cazane.

His exceptional genetics are preserved through frozen semen, which we’ve meticulously stored. This frozen semen, encapsulating his superior traits, is available for export, offering a unique opportunity to incorporate his distinguished qualities into breeding programs globally.