February 22, 2018



The Boerboel is the only South African dog breed created to secure the farmstead. It is also known as the South African mastiff. They were breaded as working farm dogs and, they are among the most powerful dog breeds.

The African Boerboel can be what you looking for, once you have one you won’t think anymore about other Breeds.


The name Boerboel has its origin in Dutch. Meaning farm dog, the dog has been in existence for a long time but there are no records of the origination of Boerboel breed, though it is believed that the breed was created from interbreeding native African landrace dogs such as Africanis, with breeds conveyed into South Africa through the Dutch, French, and British immigrants.


Terror will move all over the body system at the sight of a fully grown Boerboel dog, but raising it from a boerboel puppy to an adult creates a bonding relationship one would love.  The Boerboel is a huge dog with a solid bone structure and well-developed muscles.  It is a massive mastiff-like breed with a blocky, broad, square head and a flat skull. This breed of dogs is known for its ugliness and physical strength, though their qualities are a little toned down in the females.





The South African Boerboel dogs are known to have a lifespan of 10-12 years, also with a size of 24-27 inches, they are intelligent and trainable especially during their early stage. A little exercise would keep them healthy and once in a week or two grooming would keep their appearance undamaged. They are known to be very protective of medium energy level, they bond easily with other pets they were raised with them, they love children and can be raised within one’s compound or yard.


The South African Boerboel dogs are often good companion with obedient qualities. When raised with proper training accompanied with the right socialization. With these, they will be more playful and friendly towards its owner. It’s self-confident and not easily intimidated. They are loyal, protective and usually form a strong bond within their circle and environment. Furthermore, the Boerboel breed is additionally cannot waver to attack if it feels vulnerable or believes its master is defenseless. The dog isn’t quick to do an about-face against an invader unless they are instructed to by their master.

Coat color

South African Boerboel has a very short, dense and smooth coat that brags a natural picture, pleasing to the eyes and tender to the palm. They come in varieties of color such as red, Wine, Black, Fawn, Brindle, Cream, etc.


Healthy and nourishing foods are important to keep dogs functioning and happy. South African Boerboel is a huge dog that needs massive food to keep functioning. Constant bathing and brushing of their teeth with dog paste or soda will keep them refreshed, A little bit of dry food will help prevent dental problems and bad breath


The South African Boerboels are often healthy with an average age of 10-12 years. Only a few genetic disease and ailments have been reported concerning them. Though they may develop some health problems, they are usually very strong and reliable dogs when bought from the best breeders ofcourse.

they are just special…

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