Watch this video and after fill out the Discovery Form below and read our text below also, IMPORTANT!

IMPORTANT – You already choose your Puppy so what’s Next?

You just need to fill out the form below and wait. While the puppy is being prepared for shipping you can start buying things like bed, toys and food., we recommend holistic food like Lenda( Thats the brand we feed our dogs), Orijen, Acana and Taste of The Wild.

If you want us to train your dog basic obedience like Sit, Stay, Heal , Here , Down , crate training etc you need to tell us in the discovery form below. Price is 600 euros ( watch video above) .

If you want professional video of your puppy while he is here check an example video below of what we can do with your puppy, price is 190 Euros for a Media package that include Video and Photos . 

SPECIAL OFFER 720 EUROS for BOTH Media Package and Training. Buy by clicking below.


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