How to train a BOERBOEL dog
July 18, 2018

How to

train a BOERBOEL

Train a Boerboel is not the same as train any other dog, in this article you will Learn specifically how to train your Boerboel Dog.

Owning a Boerboel is not the same as owning any other dog, they are very special.

Dogs are usually very friendly and obedient to their owner’s commands. However, they need to be trained for this because otherwise, they’re wild animals that can do anything and at any time, causing disturbance to the owner and the surroundings.

The fact that the Boerboel is also a guard dog makes it obvious that it is capable of protecting and attacking at the right time, whenever needed. For this purpose, the dog requires to be trained with a lot of the effort put in because as much as a dog is highly responsive to their owner’s instructions; they are also hard to deal with when they’re not in a mood to learn.

This is why a Boerboel Dog owner has to struggle in order to train the dog for becoming social, not acting unnecessarily violent, and also attacking the opponent at the right time in the appropriate manner i.e. not causing death.


Here is how you can train a Boerboel dog with the correct methods mentioned in the list along with the details of how to go about it.

  1. Communicate:

Communication is the key to building a strong and understanding relationship, be it with animals or humans. Dogs are very quick learners and they tend to follow each and every demand of the owner but not until they understand it. Therefore, it is essential to communicate with the Boerboel to develop a strong verbal relationship with it so that it will rightly react to your commands.

  1. Show:

The next step is to show them what it is that you’re teaching it. This is very important as most of the dog owners fail to give it importance. You can try showing the dog by following these examples:

  • If you’re telling it to sit, stop, or run, then do it first to show them how it is done.
  • If you want it to attack then allow it to attack you with the precautions on so that it will have an understanding of the word or command.
  1. Practice:

Practicing with your dog is super fun. So, try to make it more interesting and engaging for the dog as well. For instance, you can command the dog to do anything while doing the same act. Moreover, repeat one practice for at least a week for the dog to completely memorize it.

  1. Test:

Testing is the last stop to arrive at after you’re done with the above-mentioned training steps. However, try not test the dog at a public place because there are so many things to cause a distraction. First, try at your own place and then take the dog to a park etc. to have an idea about what the dog has really learned.

  1. Get the accessories:

Accessories and equipment such as the dog’s favorite food and toys etc. should be kept along while training the Boerboel so that the activities become interesting and appealing.

IT’S NOT hard just special…

Training a Boerboel Puppy is not that difficult keeping in mind its natural powers to learn and dominate the opponent. However, while doing it, make sure to gear yourself with the safety equipment such as gloves etc. because the dog might get aggressive while the training sessions after becoming exhausted, offcourse if he is the agressive type usually this dogs when trained properly and bought from serious breeders are not agressive.

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