February 22, 2018

Do you own a pet maybe a cat or a bird and you are considering owning a dog, or you own a dog already and want to raise a Boerboel puppy? Well, sit back and read through. I believe after you do, you will definitely want to own one as soon as possible.

In choosing a Boerboel puppy for sale, there are several things you should consider.


The popular Boerboel or the South African Mastiff are descendants of the Mastiffs in South Africa and has been bred for years in South Africa mainly as farm dogs and for protection. Boerboels when fully grown is usually larger than most breeds. They are known as one of the most powerful dog breeds.


The Boerboels are not as eye-catching as other dog breeds, but they have their good side to compliment for that. They have a black muzzle (the head including nose, mouth and jaws), black lips and a black skin around their eyes. Their head is block shaped and their large size is due to their strong bones and well-developed muscles which gives them a very confident posture when they stand and an aura of confidence and power.

African Boerboel puppies eyes

Boerboel puppies eyes



It is not wrong to assume that Boerboels are aggressive, but don’t make up your mind just yet on not getting a Boerboel puppy. They are also very intelligent, energetic and affectionate, especially with children. However, adults should keep an eye on kids when they play with them because of their size, as they may knock them down during a play. But Boerboels are loyal to their family and can fight even to death for them in other to protect them.


Though loyal, gentle and tolerant of their family, Boerboels need a special trainer (a handler) among the family member who handles and trains them from a tender age. If you have not raised any large dog before and a Boerboel puppy will be your first, I would recommend you get a trainer who would show you the right way to handle a Boerboel.


Caring for a Boerboel puppy is easier than that of other breeds especially when it comes to their hair which is usually very short and hardly sheds. An occasional bathing and brushing of their fur using a soft brush and a nail trim should make a Boerboel puppy look fresh and clean.

Food is a very important factor when it comes to the growth and wellbeing of any animal, especially pets. Boerboels grow to their full size in about 18 months depending on the quality of the food they are fed.

Boerboel puppies do best when they feed three times a day, with large breed puppy foods formatted for large breeds of dogs. Raw bones supply them calcium for their bones and teeth. To get the best out of a Boerboel puppy, bear in mind that they are very agile and energetic and require enough space to play around and stretch their muscles.


The parents of the Boerboel puppy you intend to buy goes a long way to determine what your lovely puppy will turn out like. Boerboels are restricted and banned in some countries for a different reason. It is important you buy from a registered breeder as it will ensure that both parents of your puppies are also registered too.

It will be wise to ask for health tests like Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and Vagina Hyperplasia be performed on both parents of the puppy or ask to see the results (of previous tests)  to prevent health issues later during birth or old age.

So go for it, get your Boerboel puppy and have fun raising your fine puppy.